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The start of After school programs @ Foluke have been postponed. 

Adult Dance Starts Monday Sept. 14th @ 6:30PM
Registration for FALL ARTS Classes will be open until October 3rd. Be a part of next year's stage presentation.  Preparation begins NOW! 





This year we are introducing the children of CMHA-Outhwaite Homes to Tap Dance! We need approximately 57 pairs of tap shoes, and temporary/portable floor covering to protect the gym floor. Gently worn or new tap shoes in various sizes would be greatly appreciated.  If you have shoes that your children have outgrown, and you want to re-purpose them, we would be glad to receive them! In addition, we are in need of gently used black leotards, pink tights, and ballet shoes in various sizes for our Saturday Arts Classes.  Your contributions can be mailed to 4600 Carnegie Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44103 or you can drop them off on Saturdays between 10AM - 2PM. Contributions can be made on our website, or gift cards from discount dance supply.             

 The ARTS, while important to study for its intrinsic value, promotes skills seemingly just as important in academic successes as well as life successes.  The top 10 skills that children learn from the arts are Creativity, Confidence Perseverance, Problem Solving, Focus, Non-Verbal Communication, Receiving Constructive Feedback, Collaboration, Dedication and Accountability.                                   

 A donation of any amount would allow us to continue to impact young lives, while connecting to the community through the ARTS.